A Complete Fleet of Vehicles and Equipment Carefully Selected for Your Needs

Our fleet of vehicles and equipment does the heavy duty, while providing versatility and efficiency to meet all your needs. Our transport and delivery units are up to date and always carefully maintained.

Trucks for Regional Coverage

Our regional coverage trucks all have a short wheelbase and a front set-back axle to ensure access to any space—even in the tightest of spaces—where your merchandise needs to be delivered.


We offer three trailer lengths: 35, 48 and 53 feet.

Most of our trailers are equipped with:

Temperature-controlled trailers

We also have a fleet of temperature-controlled trailers to transport frozen or fresh goods—and to respect the cold chain—from point A to point B.

Straight Trucks

Our fleet of vehicles also includes 26′ and 28′ straight trucks to cover certain areas that are difficult to access with an articulated truck. All these units are also equipped with hydraulic liftgates.

Electric Pallet Truck

Almost all of our drivers have a high-capacity electric pallet truck (4,600 pounds) to move your merchandise with ease at all times.


With a lift capacity of 4,000 and 5,000 pounds, our forklift trucks are equipped with hydraulic fork positioners, powerful LED lighting and premium seats to make the work of our drivers even more enjoyable.