An Extensive Integrated, Multimodal Logistics Network for All Types of Transport and Warehousing Needs

From anywhere in the world to your home, or vice versa, our logistics services offer efficiency, flexibility and performance—even for transport movements that are more complex to manage.

Full Logistical Support for Customized Shipping

Our logistics experts are in charge of finding the most efficient solutions to optimize your supply chain, whether in full or partial lots, or on closed platforms or trailer (dry or refrigerated).

Imagine the synergy of our own network multiplied by hundreds of integrated partners who, with their own units, cover all of North America and beyond.

Custom Clearance

Clearing customs is one of the most critical steps in transport logistics and if it isn’t handled properly, it can rapidly become a source of frustration and waste resources. That’s why Dessaults Logistics offers customs clearance services. With Dessaults, you know your goods will be delivered efficiently, regardless of the destination or the time zone your customers are in.

You can trust our logistics experts to simplify your cross-border shipments. Regardless of how often you ship or how (by land, air, or sea), we make sure your goods get through customs smoothly. We handle everything, so you can focus on what you do best.

The Dessaults customs clearance team looks after:

  • All the documents needed for formal/commercial entries and export reporting;
  • Customs clearance for informal entries;
  • Temporary admissions;
  • Refunds.

For smooth sailing across all borders, Dessaults Logistics has the services and expertise you need.

Logistic’s Outsourcing
International Forwarder

With all the latitude of its multimodal program, either with Rails, cargo ship vessels or by air, your merchandises will move safely, with traceability you would expect.